Beautiful curtains, matching window decorations, a beautiful carpet on the floor or timeless shutters in front of the window ... the right interior upholstery provides atmosphere in your interior and enhances your home. With your taste and style as a starting point, we inspire you in the choice of colours and materials and provide you with sound technical advice. Sometimes a heavier fabric is just a little nicer for the acoustics in the house. Or the choice for a floor-to-ceiling fabric is more suitable because it can be processed seamlessly or is just a little more cost-effective. We will guide you through the largest collection in the Netherlands, here with us in Panningen.

What is your living style?

Do you like a country style? Then you will find beautiful linen fabrics, shutters, and carpets made from natural materials here. Do you prefer a modern design? Then our special fabrics will certainly appeal to you. Our parachute fabric curtains, for example, or a leather carpet. Lovers of luxury adore our collection of silk curtain fabrics and velour carpet. Our collection also includes timeless fabrics for a sober, minimalist style. Take a look around the site or visit us in our showroom, Kerkstraat 44 Panningen. Whatever your taste, you are very welcome.

Corporate market

Beumers Ateliers also provides tailor-made solutions for offices, hotels, healthcare institutions, schools and restaurants. In addition to design and aesthetics, we also take into account acoustics, (fire) safety, sustainability and sun, light and heat regulation. Please call us for an appointment on 077 3074500 and ask for Marc Beumers.

Interior fabrics

Interior fabrics are an essential component of every interior.
In harmony with architecture or as an interesting contrast. As a practical sun excluder, light transmitter or mood creator. Here you will find the most beautiful fabrics in different materials and styles for all kinds of applications. We have the most complete collection of top fabrics in the Netherlands and work with fabric houses such as Kvadrat, Christian Fishbacher, Chivasso, Kendix, Sahco, Jab, Nya Nordiska, Designers Guild, De Ploeg, Rubelli, Dedar, Creation Baumann and KinnaSand. Thanks to our own workshop, we also know how to process all those beautiful metres into suitable window coverings at your home.

As well as supplying private individuals, we also provide customised solutions for hotels, offices, healthcare institutions, schools and restaurants. In addition to style, taste and appearance, we also take sustainability, appearance and safety into account. For example, curtains for a hotel or healthcare institution are often made of 100% Trevira CS, a flame-retardant textile fibre that complies with international standards. And for a conference room, we will recommend curtains that benefit the acoustics.


With our made-to-measure rugs you are in charge.
Plain or in a spicy colour mix, wool, linen or synthetic, super sleek or wonderfully high-pile, small or comfortably large? Will you opt for a contrast with your (hard) floor or do you prefer it all to be in the same colourway? We can do it all. We are happy to advise you on which rug can best dress your floor. You will find many wonderful examples in our showroom.

Our brands: Danskina, Fabula Living, Millenerpoort Design, van Besouw, BIC, Ruckstuhl, De Poortere, Desso, Limited Edition, Carpet Sign and KinnaSand.

Window decoration

Choose something different for the window!
Choosing blinds or a roller blind out of habit is not necessary. In fact, with today's choice, functional is also beautiful and vice versa. Here with us, you will find an extensive presentation of the most beautiful and innovative systems in window decoration.

We advise private individuals as well as architects and business clients on window decoration and on sun and heat regulation in homes and professional spaces. Because sitting in the sun is nice on a terrace, but when you are working, or want to read a book on the couch, it is less so. A pleasant angle of light and effective protection against heat and sunlight is particularly important in areas where people live or work.

Thanks to our brands such as Sunway, Nature Deco, Silent Gliss, Wood & Washi, Verosol and Luxaflex you are assured of style, quality and innovation.

Floor coverings

Soft floors are back in fashion
And that's good news, because what could be nicer than sinking barefoot into a wonderful carpet? We are happy to show you what beautiful things we have in store.

A floor in an office, in a store or in healthcare institution often has to meet different requirements than the floor at your home. Think of antistatic, fire-retardant or dirt-resistant properties. But that does not mean that the appearance or the look of the floor are less important. Choosing between functional and beautiful is not necessary, we work with top brands such as Desso, Van Besouw, MID Carpets, Vorwerk, Ruckstuhl, Forbo Flooring, Interface, Marmoleum, Green Flor, Therdex, Parade, Bonaparte, Coral and Cunera.

By the way: you can also come to us for hard, low-maintenance floors made of linoleum or PVC. Thanks to our own installation service, you are also assured of expert installation.


We are fans of shutters.
Not only does they give your home a touch of Southern Style, they are primarily a sustainable investment in your home. But there's more. This form of window covering fits into a rural, classic or even a Scandinavian minimalist interior. In addition, shutters fit on almost all types of windows: round or square, very large or very small. With shutters, you can play with the light in the house, the wooden panels are made to measure and in a colour of your choice and are professionally installed by us.

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