Beumers Ateliers will inspire, surprise and astonish you.
What are we good at? Helping people achieve their dream interior. With a head full of knowledge and a heart full of love for materials, colours and styles, we are happy to help you put together a special, authentic and practical interior for your home, office or business.


We are happy to design a distinctive overall plan from scratch. But we are also pleased by a customer who is just looking for that one addition to complete his interior.

Our home base on Kerkstraat in Panningen is the place where we can show ourselves off in the best possible way. You can also find a compact version of our total concept in our studio under the roof of Sijben Wooncenter in Roermond.


Thatched villa Weert

1. Thatched villa Weert

Various luxurious materials have been chosen in this modern thatched villa in Weert. We accentuated the high dining room by using a special curtain fabric. The luxurious wallcovering is a modest...

Moern barn house Bakel

2. Moern barn house Bakel

The interior of this Villa in Bakel (LA Architecten Ingenieurs) The serene feeling throughout comes from the combination of colors and materials. Coarsely woven transparent curtains are combined...

National Monument Kessel

3. National Monument Kessel

A national monument requires customization. Wrought iron curtain poles, velvet lined curtains, custom-made stair runners, luxurious wallpaper, carpets and shutters all give this beautiful building...

Cinema Panningen

4. Cinema Panningen

We provided the luxury service cinema 'Dok6' in Panningen with tailor-made carpet from Leoxx. The carpet has a unique custom printed design. Customer made designs are possible from 100 m². In Dok6...

Penthouse Panningen

5. Penthouse Panningen

This bright penthouse needed a feminine touch. The owner had to cross a 'it's pink threshold' but is very happy with the end result. Various wallpapers from the Focus collection by Arte were used,...

Trendy interior Kessel

6. Trendy interior Kessel

At this photo shoot we had a top photo model as a gift. What a sweetie, right? In this trendy interior we opted for sleek matte black curtain rails from Interstil, with warm camel-colored curtains...

Newly built country house in Vlierden

7. Newly built country house in Vlierden

We were so privileged to be allowed to provide the interior furnishings for this beautiful villa. With a very satisfied customer, we are very proud of the result. The shutters from Jasno are...

'House with a View' in Herten

8. 'House with a View' in Herten

A modern newly built home on the marina in Herten with a magnificent view over the River Maas. With six meter high windows, needing six meter high curtains. It goes without saying that they...

Modern Villa Venlo

9. Modern Villa Venlo

We were involved in this project at an early stage (during construction). As a result, we were able to prepare and coordinate all the details perfectly. Working well together with Erwin Laenen...

National Monument Melick

10. National Monument Melick

A unique national monument full of original details. The residents travel all over the world and this is reflected in the chosen materials, colors and designs of the interior furnishings. All...

Villa Hegelsom

11. Villa Hegelsom

Curtains made of a heavy woollen felt fabric were added to this modern barn home for the privacy of the residents and to improve the acoustics in the large open interior. A "crazy" coarse lace...

Villa Haelen

12. Villa Haelen

Wrinkled and waxed linen curtains were installed in this modern villa in Haelen. This gives a casual touch to this sleek and minimalist designer home.

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Trends 2021: velour!

Trends 2021: velour!

Revival of the 70’s! Velour is has made a complete comeback in interiors. This fabric is beautiful when contrasted with rough hard architectural materials such as concrete and steel. Velour...

Room acoustics

Room acoustics

The indoor environment determines our comfort at home, at school or in the office. How we feel there depends on temperature, humidity and oxygen, light, smell and colour, but also on sound. Good...

Brand highlight: Kvadrat

Brand highlight: Kvadrat

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