Beumers Ateliers will inspire, surprise and astonish you.
What are we good at? Helping people achieve their dream interior. With a head full of knowledge and a heart full of love for materials, colours and styles, we are happy to help you put together a special, authentic and practical interior for your home, office or business.


We are happy to design a distinctive overall plan from scratch. But we are also pleased by a customer who is just looking for that one addition to complete his interior.

Our home base on Kerkstraat in Panningen is the place where we can show ourselves off in the best possible way. You can also find a compact version of our total concept in our studio under the roof of Sijben Wooncenter in Roermond.


Villa Hegelsom

13. Villa Hegelsom

Curtains made of a heavy woollen felt fabric were added to this modern barn home for the privacy of the residents and to improve the acoustics in the large open interior. A "crazy" coarse lace...

Villa Haelen

14. Villa Haelen

Wrinkled and waxed linen curtains were installed in this modern villa in Haelen. This gives a casual touch to this sleek and minimalist designer home.

House Maaseik

15. House Maaseik

A colourful interior with beautiful and luxurious materials. As a contrast to the marble floor and the bamboo wallpaper, we used many warm materials and colours. The interior is a nice...

Riding school Weert

16. Riding school Weert

In this modern riding school we respected the architecture and opted for high-quality but inconspicuous dark in-betweens, awnings and rods. That way, we were able to maintain a good view to the...

Office Oirlo

17. Office Oirlo

A bright red carpet runner is the eye-catcher for this office in Oirlo. The runner is more than 20 meters long, goes straight through the building and connects the entrance with the canteen at the...

House Weert

18. House Weert

Restrained and warm are the key words for this property in the centre of Weert. For this, we used natural materials in different structures, such as the Washi Fields at the front. This window...

Yacht Maasbracht

19. Yacht Maasbracht

We provided the upholstery of the "Grand Sturdy AC Variotop", the top model of yacht builder Linssen Yachts from Maasbracht, in collaboration with interior architect Bertine Cremers. We supplied...

House Helden

20. House Helden

For the energy-neutral, modern, private home of a contractor from Helden, we provided awnings, curtains, fixed floor covering and vinyl floor covering.

Villa Nederweert

21. Villa Nederweert

For a modern villa in Nederweert we made curtains and window decorations that enhance the architecture and the beautiful detailing of the building and at the same time ensure a cosy and homely...

Office Heythuysen

22. Office Heythuysen

Beautiful and functional solutions were the starting point for the renovation of the interior of the headquarters of Rabobank Peel, Maas and Leudal. A creative mix of hard (PVC) and soft floor...

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Sustainability with interior upholstery

Sustainability with interior upholstery

With rising energy prices, we are all looking for ways to save on energy bills during the cold winter months. With durable interior upholstery you can also sit comfortably this winter.

Trends 2021: velour!

Trends 2021: velour!

Revival of the 70’s! Velour is has made a complete comeback in interiors. This fabric is beautiful when contrasted with rough hard architectural materials such as concrete and steel. Velour...

Room acoustics

Room acoustics

The indoor environment determines our comfort at home, at school or in the office. How we feel there depends on temperature, humidity and oxygen, light, smell and colour, but also on sound. Good...